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2022-2023 Information and Policies

Important Dates

Semester 1 August 29-Jan 6 (Closed Nov 21-25 and Dec 19-30)*

Semester 2 Jan 9-May 5 (Closed March 20-24)*We do not close for any other holidays/school closings

In Studio Rehearsals Friday May 5 (schedule TBA)

Recital  Sunday, May 7th FLC Concert Hall (Company solos: May 6th in studio)

Picture Week May 8th-12th (schedule TBA)

Company Auditions May 20th

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee: $35/ year (with a $10 rebate for participating in our charitable contribution event) *Required for Summer/Fall/ and Spring

Recital Fee: $35/student (Tickets will have to be purchased through the Concert Hall) 

Other Expenses: Apparel, shoes, recital costumes 

Tuition: We offer individual classes in  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip Hop Semester Tuition is Due August 15th and Dec 15 * late fees are applied for past due accounts and seriously delinquent accounts may be deferred to a 3rd party for collection 

  • Semester $256 per  1 hour class   

  • Semester $192 per 45 min class            

  • Semester Cap $1408 per student

Tuition is due upon registration. You will be invoiced for costumes, apparel, shoes and recital fees as they come due. 

Late fees will be applied for past-due accounts. ($35 per invoice, or 15%, whichever is greater, after 10 days).

The 3% charge you will see upon online checkout is for credit card/ e-check processing. We are happy to take personal checks or cash at the studio to avoid these fees.

Tuition for 2nd student from the same family when one student is enrolled in at least 5.5 hours, 50% off (lesser of two rates) Tuition for 2nd student from the same family when one is enrolled in at least 3 hours, 25% off (lesser of the two rates.)

No Refunds once the semester has begun. In the event of weather or COVID closure, you may contact us to find a suitable makeup class to take any time during the current year.  In the event of mandated or long-term closure, classes will be provided online.


Dress Code & Conduct

Ballet  ballet shoes, leotard and tights  

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/ Contemporary leggings, t-shirt, camis, leotards, and fitted shorts are all acceptable. (shoes are specific and can be ordered through the studio)

Hip Hop- NO STREET SHOES. Designated tennis shoes, sweatpants, leggings, and t-shirts are all acceptable. 


Conduct Dancers are expected to arrive prepared for classes or arrive as early as required to dress and prepare at the studio. Hair should be tied back, and bangs may need to be pinned back if they interfere. They can bring snacks to be eaten between classes or with the teacher's permission (we will advise if there is a student with allergies) and should bring a water bottle. 

Dancers are expected to listen, participate, to be polite and respectful of teachers, classmates and our studio space and facilities. Dismissal from class due to persistent mean or disruptive behavior is possible. 

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